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All-ceramic (All-porcelain)

When it comes to all-ceramic crowns, you can choose betweenzirconia, and aluminous materials. These are the leading materials used in all-ceramic crowns. These materials take precedence over any others as they provide an esthetic option that is free of metals and in addition they offer several benefits. An all-ceramic crown does not need any supporting metal core and thus the thickness of the material used can be considerably reduced. This is especially good when the space available in the mouth is very small. Moreover, due to the absence of a metal core, light can be easily transmitted through the porcelain which gives a more lifelike natural effect to the tooth.
The materials used in all-ceramic crowns continue to undergo progress in terms of their sturdiness and strength, nevertheless one should be careful in using these where too much chewing and biting is required. Research is still being done wherein the susceptibility of porcelain in heavy-duty areas of the mouth are being explored.


is an all-ceramic restoration that has quickly made headlines due to its affordability, strength, esthetics and reliability. We have been tested and proven in more than 100,000 restorations. Indicated for anterior and posterior crowns,  inlays, you will appreciate the biocompatibility and beauty of Emax, which blends naturally with surrounding dentition. Emax come to you ready for porcelain build-up. If adjustment is needed, use a diamond bur with cool water to adjust. After adjustments, sandblast and steam clean or ultrasonic clean. Once final adjustments are complete, Emax stains are used to shade the substructure to the desired dentin shade.

IPS e.max

The demand for aesthetic all-ceramic restorations is continuously increasing. 

IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and CAD/CAM technique. The restorations are suitable for both adhesive and conventional cementation.


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